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Hi! I'm Neil, a multi-disciplinary creative & designer. From having the opportunity to perform on Broadway at the age of 11, to graduating from the Savannah College of Art & Design, to joining the advertising world - I have found that I thrive best in highly creative & collaborative environments.

Born in St. Louis, MO to a family that immigrated to the United States from India, my passion for the arts started with musical theatre. I grew up singing, dancing, and acting at The Muny in St. Louis and had the privilege to help usher the beloved St. Louis tradition into its second century as part of their marketing team. Currently, I live in Atlanta with the love of my life, Lisa, and enjoy the rapidly growing creative community here.

Recently, I joined the remarkable team at Marketwake in Atlanta in the position of Interactive Designer. As a creative storyteller and leader, I look forward to helping this talented team thrive in their own careers as we work to deliver engaging & impactful brand stories through data driven-creativity.

If you’d like to learn more about myself or Marketwake, please do not hesitate to reach out at neil@neilshastri.design - I look forward to connecting!



Shaw Gravitt  |  Launch Engineer at Skio
I worked with Neil for almost three years. In that time period, we probably built 20 or 30 websites. He would deliver these beautiful and incredibly well-organized designs that would thrill any developer to receive. His work was amazing, and he was always willing to collaborate and try something new based on feedback from the development team. We were constantly refining our process. Neil would find a cool tool that would speed up development and immediately add it to his workflow. I or another developer would make a suggestion for a design handoff and Neil would make sure it was there. If he designed something that ended up not being doable from a development standpoint, he'd start brainstorming solutions and come back with a new mockup based on the feedback. I've worked with a lot of designers over the past 10 years of my web development career and I 100% feel that Neil is in the top 1% of 1%. His work is excellent, he's easy to work with, and just an all-around great human being to be teamed up with. I wholeheartedly recommend him for projects from full site design, to rebranding, all the way to iconography. Anyone would be so lucky to have him on their team.
Mark Wilson Sunderland, MBA  |  Principal at STANDARD Partners / Film Producer
Neil is a remarkable creator and leader of creative teams. He and I have been working together in a variety of capacities and industries for a decade now, and he’s always one of the first people who comes to mind when I’m building a collaborative creative team. He’s entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial, and a fabulous team player. I couldn’t recommend him any more highly, and anyone would be fortunate to have him as a part of their team, circle, or partnership.
Abigail Castel  |  Senior Account Manager at Yahoo
I had the privilege of working alongside Neil for a year at a marketing agency. Neil held the position of the art director and as an account manager, I worked closely with Neil to develop the vision of the brand for our clients. Many clients came to us with little knowledge and direction of branding, storytelling and overall vision. Neil consistently took the lead in creating outstanding direction for logos, brand design, imagery, and identity without missing a beat. Clients would come to us with absolutely nothing and leave with a brand identity that is truly timeless yet wonderfully unique. Neil is the most talented person I have ever worked with, and I can say with full confidence that the clients we served together would not have found anyone to do it better within a 50-mile radius. I don’t think they will ever know how lucky they were to be a recipient of his talent.
Joel Huggins  |  Enterprise Account Manager at Acadia
Neil Shastri is just a tremendous person. He is honest, kind, and very easy to get along with. He is also superbly talented and has a spirit about him that is absolutely infectious. His demeanor, no matter the circumstance, puts you at ease when you speak with him. He is full of character, integrity and grace. He is a delight to work with; one of my very favorite teammates. I recommend Neil as a great human being first and foremost, and also in his professional endeavors. Can't miss with Neil.
TiAnna Conway, MSLD  |  People Operations at Acadia
I had the pleasure of working with Neil at Acadia for a little over a year and in that time I was able to witness how multi-dimensional he is. Neil's portfolio and work history will show he is an exceptional designer and leader! Neil is by far one of the most delightful people I had the pleasure of working with in my career. He is a true culture champion and community builder. His selfless and can-do attitude is a great addition to any team. I’m fortunate to have had the time I did with Neil, and I will always recommend him to any company interested in working with him.
Daniel Harbin  |  Marketing Director at Harbinger Marketing
I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Neil on a variety of projects and have served many different industries. Any business would be incredibly fortunate to have Neil as a partner or team member. First and foremost, this man has a good heart. He’s a man of integrity and treats everyone with kindness and respect. He’s considerate of each individual’s perspective and takes time to know each team member. He leads well. He doesn’t just achieve the goal or meet the deadline, he captures the synergy of any group and leads in a winsome and collaborative way. He welcomes and brings out the best in every team member. He makes the vision come to life. Something that’s very unique about Neil is that he can live at the 30,000-foot level but also translate an idea or vision into a plan of action or something tangible. He has a high standard of excellence. Even if it means working late or starting from scratch, Neil takes pride in his work and he won’t stop until the job is done right. When you have Neil on your team, you get the best. He’s all in. 100%.
Benjamin Eizenga  |  Visual + Motion Designer at Acadia
During our time working together at Acadia, I had the privilege of witnessing Neil's exceptional skills and multi-dimensional talents firsthand. As a Senior Visual Designer, Neil's portfolio and work history demonstrates his outstanding creativity and attention to detail. He is a true expert in this field. Furthermore, Neil is also a real culture champion and community builder who embodies empathy and a can-do attitude for his coworkers. He brings positivity and grace to any team he works with and is eager to lend a helping hand. His ability to motivate and inspire others is out of genuine excitement for what projects can be. Aside from his professional abilities, Neil is also an exceptional human being. He is honest, kind, and easy to get along with. His infectious spirit and character make him a delight to work with, and he consistently fosters a positive and collaborative work environment. I consider Neil to be one of my favorite teammates, and I am confident that he will be an incredible hire for any company that has the pleasure of working with him.


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Whether it be putting on musicals or crafting brand strategies, I believe that we can learn from the valuable, unique perspectives of multiple individuals. Put together, a team can accomplish some wonderful things.


Everyone has a story to tell. It is the most powerful way to communicate ideas, connect with others, and to make memories last forever. As a creative, I believe it is my duty to help others share their stories with the world.


Call it kindness, empathy, authenticity, or whatever you like. The world could always use a little bit more love. Taking the time to show others a genuine interest in who they are as people is crucial to the success of any project.


Enneagram 2: The Helper

I love to help people - from something as simple as carrying groceries in from the garage to providing tips & tricks on easing animations in After Effects. As an extrovert, I love people and getting to know their stories, learning about what they're going through, and how they'd like to grow. As human beings, I believe that empathy is one of the greatest ways we can connect with one another.

In a collaborative setting, I believe in servant leadership. For me, it is a privilege to work with and honor others before myself. When leading teams, l like to take the time to learn about who my teammates are, inspire and mentor them where needed, and empower them so they can grow & thrive in their own passions.



Original Broadway Cast of Bombay Dreams - 2004


The Muny 100th Season Marketing Team - 2018



Atlanta, GA

Collaboration. Storytelling. Love.

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Art Director & Senior Designer