Aim High

Built on Military Core Values

After a decade of providing consistently ground breaking IT solutions for government contracts, a former Air Force pilot and CEO decided it was time to fly higher with the identity of his company.


In 2009, Colossal Contracting LLC was formed in an effort to provide cutting edge IT solutions for military and government contracts. In the cockpit of Colossal, is Anthony Closson, a former Air Force pilot who had founded the company with the motto: "Built on Military Core Values."

The goal was to take the brand that they had used for nearly a decade and transform it into an identity that pays homage to the past, while lighting the way for the future.

The new Colossal logo, while simple, has a lot to offer. It combines thematic elements from the former logo, which is dressed on both ends with Greek columns to establish a sense of solidarity. We wanted to honor their past while looking forward to their promising future. The new logo mark combines the former Greek columns with a torch that burns bright to light the way of their future success. To unify these elements, we pay respect to Closson's time in the Air Force by carefully crafting the brand mark in the shape of a sharp, sleek fighter jet.

Lastly, we gave their logotype a much needed facelift by hand crafting each letter in, making this new brand one that is 100% unique.


As Colossal takes off into the new decade with their new brand, I look forward to seeing them navigate their journey and watching them soar further into success.


"If the sky is the limit, then go there."



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