Crosby by Mollie Burch

Inspiring women to live boldy & brightly

Project Type: Web Design

Agency: Acadia

Designer: Neil Shastri

Tools: Adobe Xd, Adobe Illustrator, and Shopify

Mollie Burch is a fashion designer with a tremendous talent for creating bold and vibrant patterns and incorporating them into her successful fashion line. In 2021, Mollie came to Acadia with the goal to redesign her Shopify website and provide a more functional, easy-to-navigate online shopping experience for her customers. While partnering with our team, we made sure that the new website would not only be functional but also reflect the unique Crosby brand motto - to inspire women to live boldly & brightly.


First and foremost, our team determined that improving the shopping experience for Crosby's users should be a primary focus. Mollie Burch's impressive clothing line has a wide range of collections, styles, and even colors for individual products. Additionally, because the brand is well-known, many of Crosby's products have 5-star reviews. We featured these key elements on product collection pages by displaying which products had 5-star reviews, swatches to show the variety of patterns and colors for specific products, and a top filter system that allows users to refine their search.


Since most users in this generation shop on their phones, we took a mobile-first design approach, especially for the product pages. We designed a layout that easily allows users to swipe through multiple product photos, change color and pattern selections, and choose their desired size.

To help provide users with the most information possible, as well as add an extra layer of diversity & inclusion, we included links to size chart documents. This aspect of the online shopping experience is absolutely crucial as it provides shoppers with better information as to how individual clothing items will fit their unique body type.

For users who need more payment options, we also grouped financing information with the product pricing to indicate that users can pay through apps like Klarna. This is another important brand element to feature on product pages as it allows Crosby to go above and beyond for their customers.


The photo with the model above is an example of just one of the many exciting patterns that Mollie Burch has created for her clothing line. This is a trademark of Burch's design style and is easily recognized by people who love her clothing. When discussing goals with Mollie and her team, we determined that featuring unique patterns throughout the website experience would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to Mollie Burch's unique design style and to help their website stand out to visiting shoppers. Our team incorporated simple organic design shapes throughout the site to achieve this goal.

This extra effort was appreciated by Mollie so much that she was inspired to create a pattern specifically for the website. Our team was so thrilled to partner with Mollie in this way as it allowed us to design a website that celebrates Crosby's brand in a manner that is special and meaningful.


One of the challenges of this project was to extend Crosby's unique brand identity for the web in a way that adds value to all that Mollie Burch and her team have built. Through discussions with the client, we learned that Mollie's core mission is to provide a safe space for women to feel free to express themselves in a way that is free of judgment and expectation.

With this in mind, we determined that it would be important to select fonts and colors that were welcoming and friendly. For headlines, we chose a serif font that is rounded, bold, and slightly bubbly. This selection was in an effort to have a font choice that delivers Mollie's welcoming messages with a friendly presence. Furthermore, we wanted to lean into the "signature" aspect of Mollie's designer brand by indicating that she has her own personal stamp on the website. We achieve this by using a script font for specific accent H1 text and brief brand language and phrases.

Lastly, we selected a specific color palette that is bold, vibrant, and exciting. The color palette features a range of colors seen frequently in Mollie's designs, while also passing web color contrast accessibility requirements.



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