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We are always stronger than we know.

In a world where there are just a handful of athletic brand behemoths, a courageous young athlete takes a bold step in achieving his dream. They were right when they said the future is bright.


Angelo Vincent Lubrano. Athlete, soldier, entrepreneur, and dreamer. In the fall of 2019, Lubrano returned from Afghanistan as a wounded veteran. Now, he is the proud owner of Pankor Apparel.

Through his dedication to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, Angelo saw an opportunity to launch his own line of apparel. Funneled through the UFC, he needed something that spoke to athletes in that industry.

After brainstorming and hours of research, we were able to develop a brand name deeply rooted in the sport's Greek origin: Pankration. The result is a wholly unique moniker that packs a serious punch.


A powerful name like "Pankor" requires a symbol that rivals its heavy presence. We needed something that would cut deep and remain with the athletes who are captivated by the Pankor brand. It would need to represent the relentless dedication of the athlete and their cyclical routine that leads to a healthy, fitness based lifestyle.

ultimate mma fighter in a octagon cage
Blank black and white plastic sport bottle mockup, front view

Stepping into the ring and going up against big brands would be intimidating enough for most people. That's not the case with this new, athlete-owned venture. Lubrano and his team have been trained to never back down from a fight. With their perserverance, I look forward to seeing how Pankor continues to grow.

MMA, Kickboxing Men Practicing his Fighting Skills

"The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow."


Arnold Schwarzenegger

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